1 June 2023

Chancery and Foreign Office revenue stamps

Passports are of all times. Thousands of years ago salesmen and Royal messengers were provided a laissez-passer signed by their head of state with the request to other heads of states to “let this civilian pass your borders and travel your country with peace”. End 18th century the French instituted the first census, the registration duty and the municipal population register in the Netherlands. On 12 December 1813 King William I established the first passport law.

It has been mentioned more than once at the NvFF meetings and written about frequently in the Cleyn Segel: is anybody willing to write a piece on his collection? As new member you tend to lean back and wonder: hasn’t anybody already written about this? And as longstanding member you think that by now everything has already been put to paper.

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Theo J.F. Schalke

Theo J.F. Schalke

Ik verzamel Nederlandse fiscaal-/belastingzegels, spoorwegzegels en aanverwante zegels. Zoals sleep-, rijn- en binnenvaart bevrachtingzegels, radiozegels, paspoortzegels, en kampeerzegels van de Nederlandse kampeercentrale. Daarnaast zegels van consulaire diensten van een groot aantal landen.

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