19 mei 2024

About Netherlands+Philately

The object of this website is to help non-speakers of the Dutch language find information written in English for the collecting of philatelic material from the Netherlands and Colonies. The problem for philatelic collectors for the Netherlands and Colonies who do not speak Dutch, is that most publications and research material about this area has been mostly written in the Dutch language. Dutch can be a very difficult language to learn. So to promote the philatelic world of the Netherlands and Colonies to a wider global community, a group of enthusiastic volunteers began this website to publish articles in English about Netherlands philately. You can join in and help promote Netherlands philately. Please feel free to send in your contributions!

Nethpa.nl is part of René Hillesum Filatelie in Zwijndrecht.

Modern postal history: a paquebot cover sent in July 2004 from the Westerdam, a Dutch ship and therefore according to UPU regulations Dutch territory, to Sweden. The envelope entered the postal network in Malta, hence the Maltese paquebot cancellation.