28 May 2023

About the People and the Things They Write

I have often been amazed by what people write on postcards, which, after all, can be read by anyone who gets to handle them during delivery. The back of the post card shown in Figure 1 is such an example. The text reads (translated from Dutch):

Amice [Friend},

Not without emotion will you hear that our friend Wendelaar has died suddenly this morning. One suspects voluntarily, but we have no details yet. v. Sou (?) is very shocked. He will go there tomorrow. As you may know, they had planned to take a journey together to Rio de Janeiro in April. What an emptiness in his existence this will cause him!

Amicable Greetings

The card is signed by what seems to be C.H. de Groot and has the date February 21, 1921 written in the lower left corner in a different script than used for the text of the card.

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Ben Jansen

Ben Jansen

My current collection focus is on (correctly addressed but) undeliverable Netherland's mail. I am also the Editor of Netherlands Philately, the Magazine of the American Society of Netherlands Philately.

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