1 June 2023

On January first, 1922 the uniform postal identity card was introduced, as agreed on the Congress in Madrid of the Universal Postal Union in 1920. The cards were uniform for all member countries and were produced in Switzerland. In basic they were the same (a form C 25) but they were personalized per postal administration. The language was the national language and the universal postal language, French. In Dutch ‘Identiteitskaart’ and in French ‘Carte d’identité’.

The first rate for the cards was 40c and needed to be glued on the card and cancelled by the post office of issue. The card (1+2) is franked with a 40c Konijnenburg stamp. This is quit illusive, as this was possible only for 4½ month. The stamp was issued April 1, 1940 and August 12, 1940 the rate changed to 30c. The card is issued in ‘s Gravenhage-West on May 21, 1940.

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