24 juli 2024

Suriname and Dutch ‘puntstempel’ on one postcard

Thepuntstempels (dot- or numeral cancels) are an interesting collecting field in the Netherlands and the former colonies. Those of Suriname you do not come across every day, and luxury copies are not common at all.

A combination of a ‘puntstempel’ of Suriname together with one of the Netherlands on one item is maybe unique. This item is in the collection of the late Ad de Goede, which will be on auction at René Hillesum Filatelie on September 23.

'Puntstempel' 204 used in Paramaribo, Suriname

The rare combination is found on abriefkaartformulier (an official postcard form without stamp imprint), which is franked with a 2½c Suriname stamp and 1-6-1884 sent  to ‘s-Gravenhage (The Hague) in the Netherlands. The stamp is tied with a luxury ‘puntstempel’ 204 of Paramaribo. There is a cancel ‘Ontoereikend’ (insufficient) and a T-mark. A big ‘5’ in blue crayon.

The postage due was acknowledged on arrival in ‘s-Gravenhage and there was a 5c postage due stamp glued on, tied with ‘puntstempel’ 44.



René Hillesum

René Hillesum

Collector of postal history of Finland and postmarks of Imperial Saint Petersburg.

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