1 June 2023

Getting paid to be a concentration camp guard!

During the Second World War unfortunately quite a few Dutch people chose to actively collaborate with Nazi Germany. Collaboration could come in many different forms, but whatever was done, there were bad examples and then there were really bad examples! Here is one especially ghastly form of collaboration: a Dutch person who was an SS concentration camp guard.

This item is listed in Corinphila auction nr. 244 (“kavel” nr. 2925, part of the Kees Adema collection). The text as supplied by Corinphila:
“Concentration Camp Dachau money order München-Foorst b.Zuften 21.8.43 (Voorst near Zutphen) sent from the SS Standortverwaltung Dachau (administration of the camp) to a Dutch SS-member (probably salary for the work as a guard returned to the Netherlands), received 27.VIII.43”

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Ivo Spanjersberg

Ivo Spanjersberg

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