28 May 2023

The Queen Wilhelmina type Veth series from 1924-1926 may justifiably be called one of the most beautiful and interesting designs. In the first place the beautiful picture on the stamps, and second in the long term validity (until March 31st, 1944) and thirdly the rates- and franking possibilities during this period. Think especially of the airmail surcharges which precisely during this period grew sharply. The additional features, cancels and labels of events during World War II, makes the collecting of postal stamps with Veth stamps quite a feast.

Type Konijnenburg
On April 1, 1940 a dozen stamps of then Queen Wilhelmina Konijnenburg type were issued to replace the Veth type stamps. During the period 1924-1940 only short-term and surcharge series appeared. No one could have guessed that this first part of the Konijnenburg type stamps would only have a very short life. By order of the Germans the Queen Wilhelmina Konijnenburg stamps were withdrawn on October 11, 1940, almost immediately after the appearance of the Guilloche / “Behind bars’ stamps which appeared on October 1, 1940. The stamps with the picture of Queen Wilhelmina which were already held by the people could be used up.

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Adam van der Linden

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