6 June 2023

My experiences sending international mail with Sandd

As chairman of the Korea Stamp Society during 2018-2019, in December 2018 I wanted to send a card to a few KSS members. Because I regularly read about the Sandd stamps in the Dutch Filatelie magazine, I thought it would be an interesting idea to send these cards via Sandd, a company which was recently bought by PostNL and merged into the PostNL family. A nice bonus was that using Sandd stamps would give something extra to the envelopes for my fellow philatelists of the KSS.

The international rate of Sandd was simple and available online on the Sandd website. One card in an envelope was within the 0-20 gram rate, at the price of EUR 1.10. Because those stamps were only sold per 20, I chose to order a sheet of 20 stamps of EUR 0.60. The EUR 0.60 stamps were meant for the local postal rate. This meant I would pay 10 cents too much per envelope, but that was better than paying for 20 stamps of EUR 1.10. I didn’t know if they would arrive at all. The stories on the internet about the Christmas stamps (used in December in the Netherlands only) from Sandd were not particularly good.

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Ivo Spanjersberg

Ivo Spanjersberg

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