6 June 2023

The Surinam 1945 Airmail Varieties

On March 12, 1945, Surinam re-issued three of the older 1930 and 1941 airmail stamps with surcharged new values. Apparently they were running short of some of values that were needed, so they overprinted the 60 cent dark lilac with a 22 ½ cent surcharge, the 2 ½ gld yellow with a 1 gld surcharge and the 10 gld bistre with a 5 gld surcharge. Figure 1 shows the original stamps, and Figure 2 the surcharged ones.

The NVPH gave the set the catalog listings of LP24-26. Forty year ago, in the Vol. 5.2 December 1979 Netherlands Philately (NP) magazine, there was an article with the headline about an unknown variety which had been found on one of these stamps. The article went into some details about the different varieties. The author of the article is not credited, so I am assuming it was the Editor, Paul E. van Reyen. If some ASNP member knows definitely who it was, please let us know so we can give proper credit to the author.

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