19 juni 2024

The train was also used in World War II to travel to work by train.Verkorte werkweek-kaart Barendrecht-Rotterdam 1942
Pictured here is a shortened work week card, 3rd class from the Nederlandsche Spoorwegen (NS) for the Barendrecht-Rotterdam route. The card was bought in Barendrecht (see the NS block postmark). The card was bought 7 November 1942 and was valid from Monday 9 November (written in pencil). The card was valid until Thursday 12 November (see date stamp). The price – written in pencil – was ƒ0.95 (in today’s times €6.86).

On the back, we read ‘Strictly personal’. That may be true, but how can that be checked if there is no name on it?
The travel conditions were also strict: only valid on certain trains and boarding or alighting at an intermediate station, or interrupting the journey, was not allowed.

The card was printed at the Roelants company in Schiedam, which identified itself on the card with the obligatory K-number 2193.
The NS blind stamp can clearly be seen at the top left.
That the card has survived may be called a miracle. Firstly because it was printed on very thin and brittle paper and secondly because it was indicated that the card had to be handed in at the end of its validity. The card is an auction lot in auction 65 at Sheraton & Peel, on 23 September 2023.

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René Hillesum

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