27 mei 2024

Dairy plant ‘De Volharding’ in Hem

The small village of Hem in the southern part of West Frisia established its own dairy plant in the early 1900s to streamline the condition of making cheese and other dairy products in the Zuiderkogge Polder. Farmers who supplied the plant with milk had each their share in the products and profit. The ‘Coöp.‘ abbreviation stands for ‘cooperation’.

Fig. 1: Company envelope sent from Hem on the 6th of November 1949.

Volharding can be translated as ‘perseverance’. The postwar building and especially its chimney still dominate the skyline of Hem in 2019.

Fig. 2: Dairy plant ‘De Volharding’ in Hem after it operations in the 1960s.
Fig. 3: Juliana ‘En Face’ tied by a Hem (Noord-Holl.) ‘Long Beam’ postmark reading 6.XI.49.6.
Fig. 4: Hem and surrounding villages and countryside in the 1950s. The red arrow points to the location of the dairy plant.

For the original publication see the Dutch Philately blog by Hugo Brieffies.

Hugo Brieffies

Hugo Brieffies

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