7 June 2023

Officially on January 30, 2017 single vending machine (kiosk) stamps once again became available at selected locations in the Netherlands. The kiosks will be available for about a year to see how the public reacts to them. The stamps coming out of the kiosks come in two designs (see Figure 1), a butterfly (Plebejus Argon) for domestic (0.78 Euro) and a tulip (Tulipa Jannekes Orange) for international destinations (1.33 Euro). The stamps are printed by Walsall Security Printers and 212,500 of each stamp are produced.

An announcement was also made that prior to January 30, on Jan. 28 and 29, such a vending machine would already be available at the Filateliebeurs in Hilversum. It turns out that the machine in Bussum was also available on that day. The first day for The Hague was January 30, 2017.

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