27 mei 2024

One of the famous Dutch 10 guilders

The Netherlands have had 6 “tenguilderstamps” during their stamp history, the first in 1899, the last one in 1970. This “tenguilderstamp” was issued in 1946 and have had the shortest duration, only 3 years. Sold numbers: 291.600 pieces. The small stamps were issued twice, in april 1940, forbidden by the German at 11 October 1940, reissued in 1946/1947, 4 values. Most of the “high values” are used on airmail covers and special cards for the rent of postboxes.

Delden, 19 October 1946. Airmail letter to New York USA. Rate: letter first 20 grams 12½ cents, each 20 grams more, 7½ cents. Weight 140 gram: letter is 57½ cents (1 x 12½, 6 x 7½ cents), air rate 40 cents per 5 grams, 140 grams is 38 x 40 cents is 11,20 gld. together 11,77½ gld. mixed with “war-stamps”.

Rotterdam, 6 December 1948. Card for postbox 966 in Rotterdam main post office during the year 1949. Rate: 5 guilders for 3 months, the whole year 20 guilders.

Front of the card

Adam van der Linden

Adam van der Linden

I am a collector of WOII, type Veth, Netherlands due, Postal Identity Cards International,

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