12 april 2024

Sharp increase in postal rates

Today, October 4, PostNL, the Dutch postal operator, has announced the main postal rate for 2024: a standard letter of 20 gr.

A major increase of the postal rates was already expected, as the Dutch regulator ACM has announced on August 18 the tariff space that PostNL could use. This space is a mixture for all sorts of mail and parcels.

As anyone can observe, wages have risen, as have interest rates, and there is a shortage of personnel. In addition, PostNL faces once structurally declining letter mail sales.
As a result, PostNL has announced a substantial rate increase for 2024. The rate for a single domestic letter will rise from €1.01 to €1.09.
Although substantial, an 8% increase is not unique. In 2016, too, the rate went up by 8%. From €0.73 to €0.78.

Eentjes PostNL

Herewith the full press release from PostNL

Stamp prices for 2024 announced

The Hague, the Netherlands, 4 October 2023 – On 1 January 2024, the price of a stamp on letters sent within the Netherlands will be €1.09, compared with €1.01 today. The new stamp price as well as other price changes are within the scope granted to PostNL by its regulator ACM for 2024. PostNL delivers post across the Netherlands five days a week.

Postage and parcel prices in 2024

From 1 January 2024 PostNL will raise its rates for sending letters within the Netherlands and from the Netherlands to other countries. The basic rate for letters sent abroad will be €1.75, compared with €1.65 today.

Bob van Ierland, Director of Mail in the Netherlands, said: “Mail volumes continue to decline. Despite fewer mail items, we still empty around 11,000 post boxes every working day, and walk and cycle every street across the Netherlands daily. To keep mail affordable for our customers, we constantly adapt our postal business to keep costs as low as we possibly can. Falling mail volumes and rising costs are making it imperative for us to raise rates if we’re to keep mail accessible and reliable.”

Charges for sending a domestic parcel franked online will remain unchanged at €6.95. Having the same parcel stamped at a PostNL point will be charged at a higher rate of €7.95, from €7.65 today. The rates for sending parcels abroad will also increase.

December stamps in 2023

Every year, PostNL issues special December stamps for the holiday season. The price of a PostNL December stamp will be €0.96 in 2023. A sheet of 20 December stamps will sell at €19.20 and will be available to buy from 13 November via postnl.nl, or at post offices, parcel points and other designated stamp outlets.

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