19 april 2024

The upcoming Sheraton & Peel auction (23 September) will offer (among other lots) the second part of the Ad de Goede Collection.
It is not known that Ad de Goede specialized in numeral postmarks (except from his beloved Utrecht), but it is noteworthy that he had a number of special numeral-postmarked postal items in his collection

Already discussed here was the spectacular Surinamese postcard form (insufficiently franked with a 2½c stamp with numeral stamp 204 of Paramaribo) sent to The Hague in the Netherlands. There provided with a 5c postage stamp, with numeral stamp 44.

Another special item is a 5c postcard to Belgium. Sent from De Hoeven (now Hoeven), part of Roosendaal (then Rozendaal).
According to the regulations, it was not allowed to use numeral postmark on postcards. So this was against the rules. Occasionally it happened anyway, but many numeral stamps on postcards are rare. Like this card.
So it was sent from De Hoeven (name postmark in blue) and, against the rules, provided with (luxury) numeral postmark 92 from Roosendaal. Next to it a date postmark of Rozendaal.

Postcard from De Hoeven with - against the rules - a numeral postmark of Rozendaal, number 92.

In the most recent publication (2016), the Handbook of Dutch numeral postmarks by Harrie Jans mentions one other postcard with name stamp De Hoeven and numeral stamp 92. The card is also pictured in the book on page 302. The De Hoeven postmark is black on the card in the book.

The catalogue of the Sheraton & Peel auction (number 65) is online, as well as many scans.

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