19 juni 2024

The ‘Postjager’ was a specially designed and constructed airplane for the transport of mail. Built in Holland (The Hague) by the Pander factories. This firm had a strange combination of products: furniture and air planes… One should know that airplanes in those days were partly made of wood, so that is what airplane construction had in common with furniture making.

The plane was taken into use in December 1933 on the route to Dutch East Indies. In January 1934 the return flight took place. A special postmark was made for this flight (for Bandoeng, Batavia-Centrum and Medan) and one had to stick a special triangle airmail stamp to it.

On this envelope the postmark of Batavia-Centrum dated 4.1.1934 was applied. The plane arrived at Schiphol Airport on January 10. The transit postmark Amsterdam-Centr. Station was applied the day after and the final destination Balk was reached on January 12.

The letter is franked with the crisis stamp 12½c AMVJ (with a surcharge of 2½ c). On the back one can find a letter seal stamp to promote usage of the AMVJ crises stamps. Sometimes you will find something interesting in an envelope, which is the case with this one. The envelope contains a newspaper article on the landing of the Postjager at Schiphol.

René Hillesum

René Hillesum

Collector of postal history of Finland and postmarks of Imperial Saint Petersburg.

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