6 June 2023

Like other countries, the Netherlands also has a museum pass called ‘Museumkaart’, or ‘Museumjaarkaart’ as it was known in the past. You pay a fixed reasonable price for a year of free and unlimited (except for special exhibitions) visits to most museums across the country. Even for a tourist staying some time in the Netherlands it is interesting to buy such a card, as a visit to the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, the Stedelijk Museum and the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam will already cost you more than the price of the card.

Such a card was already discussed in 1968, together with Belgium. However, it took until the late 1980s for the idea to be implemented, but then solely in the Netherlands. The first Museum Year Card was made available for ‘free’, because it was published with the Groot Museumboek. Free, yes, but to validate the card, a stamp had to be bought to be affixed to the card. The card was only valid with a stamp. It was an initiative of the Dutch Museum Association and the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Social Work.

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René Hillesum

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