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Since the issuing of the book ‘Met de meeste spoed en promptitude’ by Arie Zonjee and Ot Louw (2013) collecting express labels of the Netherlands has become a more structured hobby. This book with 294 pages describes all known Dutch labels between 1863 and 1999. All of them have a catalogue number and are valued from NN to RRR. The valuation is for the labels sec and not for the label on an entire.

Some labels are not even known on cover at all. Most of the labels are categorized NN and N. A special type (and purpose) are the parliamentary labels, categorized under letter P. They have been used both the Eerste Kamer as well as the Tweede Kamer. All are valued as RR, but several are not known on cover. In total there are ten different labels in category P.

Label type P3

These labels are meant to be for papers sent on Friday to members of the chambers. They were delivered on Saturday by express. Eight (out of ten) labels mention in the text ‘recht voldaan’ (duties paid). Two of them, one for each chamber, are without the text ‘recht voldaan’. Why this is, is not known by the authors.

Label type P7

Here two examples of actually used mail from the ‘Eerste Kamer’ to one of the – well known – members. Both mailed on a Friday. These are the numbers P3 (including ‘recht voldaan’) and P7 (without ‘recht voldaan’). Both were not known on genuine correspondence by the authors.

René Hillesum

René Hillesum

Collector of postal history of Finland and postmarks of Imperial Saint Petersburg.

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