1 June 2023

Dutch PostNL legalized Magazinekaart

As could have been read on Fepanews a year ago the Netherlands has a new type of postal stationery as of January 2019. It is a standard postcard size (A6) card with an imprinted stamp, meant to be for shipment of the Dutch monthly ‘Filatelie’ in which the Dutch federation and FEPA-member KNBF is publishing their official announcements. This Magazinekaart was issued by the other Dutch postal operator Sandd. Dutch UPD postal operator PostNL has taken over Sandd per February 1st 2020 and merged the to companies together as PostNL. This means that Sandd is completely from the market.

The magazine cards were – as was for the year 2019 – produced as a set in December for the entire year. In 2019 the topic was coat of arms of places where the month after a philatelic event took place. Not only Dutch places, but also abroad. In total eleven different cards. The theme for 2020 is leap year. Persons (international) born or died on February 29th. The first two issues was still fully under Sandd operation, as the February issue was already delivered to the postal operator in January.

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René Hillesum

René Hillesum

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